The How - Our Children

The future we are creating for our children seems to be a bleak one. We are so disconnected, even though social media has made it so easy for us to keep tabs on one another.  I wonder whether we are raising our children the right way - to be good people or to simply be functional adults that keep the machine moving. 

Children are so perfect and innocent. The experiences we provide to children shape the adults they will become. I see so many children mistreated, not given the opportunities they should be given, and essentially set up for failure from day 1. From some of these situations children persist to become amazing adults, but should it be such a difficult journey for them?  Should there be so much adversity?

In contrast, we have children who are given everything from the very beginning. Children who grow up to be entitled and self important. Selfish, and uncaring about their fellow man. You need to understand what you don't have in order to appreciate what you do have, I suppose. But I see children mistreated and it just hurts me. Children who don't have good role models to look up to, and sometimes simply don't know any better. 

That is part of the impetus for this writing. To acknowledge that the HOW comes sometimes as a result of who we are. What we pursue in our adult lives factors heavily into the experiences we have as children. The interests of those we grow up with. The values those individuals have. That's why being a father scares the shit out of me sometimes. I feel like I'm not even qualified to take care of myself sometimes, much less others. 

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